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Vector Ornamental Hearts

Vector Ornamental Hearts
4 EPS, JPG | 3.45MB

3D Four Seasons

3D Four Seasons v1.0 | 6.94mb

With new screensaver 3D Four Seasons all four seasons will pass before your eyes, and you can compel your favourite season to last until not tired of you! Here you will be able to look after the beautiful living stage of nature, where a spring gradually grows into a summer, and a summer becomes in autumn, sky becomes grey, and rains grow into snow-falls, water in a lake freezes and grey geese and ducks fly away. If you will wait a little longer, the natural changing of weather will bewitch Your look again and again...

Identity Finder Professional Edition

Identity Finder Professional Edition | 23,6 MB
Identity Finder prevents identity theft by finding and securing sensitive, personal information that could be used by others to commit identity theft or identity fraud. Once private information is identified, Identity Finder helps you to protect your identity through secure deletion or strong encryption. Below are some key.

John Abercrombie: Gateway II

John Abercrombie: Gateway II
Jazz | MP3 320k > 101 Mb | 44:06

Bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jack DeJohnette have often worked together since their early work with Miles Davis, and they're one of the most accomplished rhythm sections in jazz--fluent, inventive players who add something special to every situation they're heard in. The Gateway trio with guitarist John Abercrombie, though, is one of their most effective vehicles, with an open sound that reveals every detail and encourages an interactive approach. Each member is a gifted improviser, and they're willing to trust spontaneous forms, setting this 1977 session in motion with the extended "Opening," a long group improvisation launched by DeJohnette's detailed drumming. The interplay is just as arresting on the more formal pieces. Abercrombie's "Sing Song" floats at a medium tempo, and the guitarist plays with singing and sustained clarity before Holland solos with a forceful precision. Holland's "Nexus" is an accelerated stream of particles in motion, while "Reminiscences," with almost acoustic guitar, and "Blue," with DeJohnette on piano, are reflective moments enlivened by the same close listening. --Stuart Broomer
John Abercrombie guitar
Dave Holland bass
Jack DeJohnette drums

1. Opening
2. Reminiscence
3. Sing Song
4. Nexus
5. Blue

MahJong Suite 2008

MahJong Suite 2008 5.3 | 8 MB



Size: 700.22MB
Quality: CAM - XviD | | MP3 VBR
Runtime: 1h47min
Filename: cam-app
Genre: Crime | Drama | Western
IMDB rating: 7.3/10 (2863 votes)
Directed by: Ed Harris





Pass :

While She Was Out

While She Was Out 2008 DVDRip XViD

Title : While She Was Out ( 2008 )
Retail Date : Oct 31, 2008
Release Date : Oct 27, 2008
Source : R1 NTSC DVD5
Video Bitrate : 1001kbps
Audio Bitrate : MP3 vbr 126kbps
Resolution : 640×352
Subtitles : n/a
Archives : 50×15mb
Rating : 6.3/10 (28 votes)

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Pass : irfree.c0m

Windows Black XP 23 Ultimate

Windows Black XP 23 Ultimate | 4.2 GB
Nero Utltra 8.3.6 Full Office 2007 Blue Ententerprise with Service Pack 1 and hundreds more Driverpacks: Chipset 8.03 1.41 MB 11.3 MB CPU 8.04 0.04 MB 0.13 MB Graphics A 8.04 84.8 MB 299 MB c Graphics B 8.04 52.3 MB 391 MB Graphics C 8.04 64 MB 205 MB LAN 8.05.3 7.02 MB 41.5 MB MassStorage 8.05 4.94 MB 29.3 MB Sound A 8.05 44 MB 182 MB Sound B 8.05 57.2 MB 280 MB WLAN 8.06 20.1 MB 158 MB Performance Tweak : Core OS running In Physical Ram as well as the Kernel 500 Windowblinds Skins Mega Pack A thousand of my best fonts - and no it does not slow anything down. No extras running except the sidebar, no launchbar no nothing.

Cocreate Modeling Drafting 2008

Cocreate Modeling Drafting 2008 16 | 1.1 GB

CoCreate Modeling, the world's #1 explicit 3D CAD software system, is a complete environment for 3D product design with a broad set of integrated design modules that add extra capabilities to meet your specialized needs. The explicit approach inside CoCreate Modeling makes creating and modifying 3D designs fast, easy and flexible. CoCreate Modeling is packed with an extensive list of features to deliver the speed, flexibility and responsiveness to change that’s demanded by leaders in the high-tech electronics and machinery industries.


Joe Farrell - Sonic Text

Joe Farrell - Sonic Text 1979
MP3 @ 320 | 67 MB | Covers included
Genre: Jazz

Dave Holland - Emerald tears

Dave Holland - Emerald tears
APE (single files) covers | 147,7 mb
ECM | Jazz
Year: 1978

Dave Holland | double bass

Emerald Tears
Under Redwoods



PW: 4all

Children's Picture Dictionary

Longman ed. “Longman Children's Picture Dictionary "
81 pages | 6,9 MB

Nancy Drew The Phantom Of Venice

Nancy Drew The Phantom Of Venice - RELOADED

Publisher: Her Interactive
Developer: Her Interactive
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: Jul 7, 2008

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz or Equivalent
Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 1 GB Free
Video Memory: 32 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive

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Ultra DVD Creator

Ultra DVD Creator 2.6.1008 | 9.4 Mo

Tom Clancys End War PAL (XBOX360)

Tom Clancys End War PAL (XBOX360)

Company .…: Ubisoft
Console ….: XBOX360
Filename …: dnl-tcend.XXX
Files .…..: XX x 100 MB
Source …..: DVD9
Genre ……: Real-Time, Strategy
Supplier …: Team DNL
Rel.Date …: 01.11.2008



Pour décrocher le stage ou l'emploi de vos rêves, ce logiciel est l'outil indispensable ! L'assistant CV Créateur
vous permet de créer simplement et rapidement votre CV et vous garantit des candidatures percutantes. Quels que soient votre niveau de qualification et le métier recherché, vous pouvez également choisir parmi 4000 modèles de CV et de lettres de motivation personnalisables.


Jack Dejohnette's Directions - New Rags

Jack Dejohnette's Directions - New Rags [ECM 1103]
ECM | Jazz | MP3 192 | 56,1 Mb

Year: 1977

Jack DeJohnette | Drums, Piano
John Abercrombie | Electric Guitar, Electric Mandolin
Alex Foster | Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Mike Richmond | Bass, Electric Bass

01 - Minya's The Mooch
02 - Lydia
03 - Flys
04 - New Rags
05 - Steppin' Thru

Quality: mp3 192

Info: album is only avaible on vinly and out-of-print

PW: 4all

Encyclopedia of Modern Middle East & North Africa, 2nd Edition

Philip Mattar, Charles E. Butterworth, Neil Caplan, Michael R. Fischbach “Encyclopedia of Modern Middle East & North Africa, 2nd Edition"
MacMillan Reference Books | 2936 pages | PDF | 58,6 MB

Evolver - John Legend

Evolver - John Legend

oct 2008 | MP3

Kanye West - Good life - 2008

Kanye West - Good life - 2008



Axcad2008 6.3.153 | 52.5 MB

AXCAD, powered by IntelliCAD, is another intelligent choice for architects, engineers, designers, and virtually any professional who creates or uses DWG file format drawings.

-100% DWG compatible, using DWG as native file format. You won't lose any dwg files to use this affordable CAD.
-High degree of AutoCAD command set compatible.You won't spend much time on learning AXCAD.

Eric Dolphy: Other Aspects

Eric Dolphy: Other Aspects
1960 | Jazz | MP3 vbr 192Kbps to 224Kbps | 66 MB

1.A Personal Statement 15'30''
2.Inner Flight #1 4'04''
3.Dolphy'N 6'45''
4.Inner Flight #2 4'08''
5.Improvisations and Tukras 10'47''

Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Drug Addiction (Need to Know Library)
64 pages | Rosen Publishing Group (March 1999) | ISBN: 0823927725 | PDF | 874 kb
Discusses the nature of addictions, some of the substances--including illegal and prescription drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and steroids--to which people become addicted, and how to get help.

Jazz&Tzaz Magazine CD Collection No.184

Jazz&Tzaz Magazine CD Collection No.184 - AfroCuban Jazz
Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz | MP3 + Covers | 224kbps | 44.1 KHz Joint Stereo | 97Mb

The Hellenic jazz magazine Jazz&Tzaz is published monthly (and continously) from April 1993, covering a broad range of musics in a special jazz way. There is also the specialized radio station Jazz FM. Issue no.184 is dedicated to afro-Latin Jazz.
Afro-Cuban jazz is a variety of Latin jazz which was started by Dr. Obdulio Morales in 1930s Cuba. Another well-known variant of Latin jazz is Brazilian jazz. Afro-Cuban jazz was played in the U.S. directly after the bebop period, while Brazilian jazz became more popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz includes rhythmic components from the genres of salsa, merengue, songo, son, mambo, and cha cha cha.

Track list:
1. PEREZ PRADO: Besame mucho
2. CAL TJADER: Blues from Havana
6. HOWARD McGHEE: Cubop City
7. OMAR SOSA: Dos caminos
8. CHICO O’FARRILL: Havana Special
9. TITO PUENTE: Mambo Beat
10. TITO PUENTE: Mambo Diablo
13. GEORGE SHEARING: Sorry, Wrong Rhumba
14. JAMES MOODY: Tin-Tin-Deo
15. OMAR SOSA: Toridanzon
Total time: 1:00:37



CAD2CAD Twinview Plus 14.18 | 18,5 MB
TwinView Plus allows to add redlining (annotate) informations to the drawing and save them to separate files on local drive or network server, making them available to other users connected to the server. TwinView is able to view different document types, add markups (redlining to dxf /dwg files), print the drawings and change entity properties.

Art of Stanley Lau

Art of Stanley Lau
34 jpg | 450*675 to 1280*1024 | 15.1 MB

Art Book - Juan Gimenez

Art Book - Juan Gimenez
36 | JPG | 900x1200 | 11Mb

Help & Manual Professional Edition

Help & Manual Professional Edition | 29,6 MB
Help & Manual 5 is a single-source help authoring and content management system for both single and multi-author editing.Working with Help & Manual is as easy as writing text with a word processor, while all content is saved as pure XML in the background.

Wallpapers Sets

Christmas Present
1 EPS + JPG Preview | 2 mb

Wallpaper Cartoon New Year
50 | JPG | 800x600 - 1600x1200 | 14 mb

Wallpapers - 3D Abstract
20 jpg | 1920*1200 | 5.77 MB

Ying Yang Twins- The Official Work

Ying Yang Twins - The Official Work (2008)
Rap | MP3 VBR ~192kbps / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo | 53,0 MB | 08-2008

Wallpapers - Nature

Wallpapers - Nature (part 23)
15 jpg | 1600*1200 | 6.32 MB

Wallpapers - Porsche Collection

Wallpapers - Porsche Collection
40 jpg | 1920x1440 | 12.2 Mb

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Music Disc

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Music Disc
Genre Soundtrack | MP3 | 160-320kbps | RS | 107MB

Music disc come from Red Alert 3.

Track listing
01. RA3 Theme - Soviet Match
02. Hell Match
03. Grinder
04. Hell Match (1) Fftl Remix
05. Celebration
06. Japanese Campaign
07. Exploring In Russia
08. Threatened in Russia
09. Exploring in Mainland Europe
10. Threatened in Mainland Europe
11. Soviet Combat
12. Soviet Combat - Losing
13. Soviet Combet - Triumphal
14. Exploring in New York City
15. Brington Beach - Building Defensed
16. Brington Beach - Soviets Coming Ashore
17. Allied Combat 2
18. Allied Combat 2 - Losing
19. Allied Combat 2 - Triumphal
20. Mykonos
21. Exploring in Mynokos
22. Easter Island - Lying in Wait
23. Enter the Shogun Executioner
24. Japan Combat 1
25. Japan Combat 1 - Losing
26. Japan Combat 1 - Triumphal
27. Mount Fuji Intro
28. Exploring in Mount Fuji
29. Threatened in Mount Fuji
30. Exploring in Tokyo Harbor
31. Threatened in Tokyo Harbor
32. Soviet
33. Allied
34. Japanese
35. Exploring in Havana
36. Threatened in Havana
37. Floating Island Fortress
38. Iceland
39. Exploring in Vladivostok
40. Tanya in Gibraltar
41. Downloading
42. RA3 Creadits
43. Soviet Match - Reprise
44. Hell Match 2 - Fftl Remix

CCRA3 Music Disc

Joe Farrell - Canned Funk

Joe Farrell - Canned Funk 1975
MP3 | 192-320 | 60 MB | Cover

Joe Farrell's final of six CTI dates has fairly lengthy versions of four of his originals. Farrell, who adds baritone to his usual trio of instruments (tenor, soprano and flute), once again welcomes guitarist Joe Beck as his co-star, along with bassist Herb Bushler, drummer Jim Madison and percussionist Ray Mantilla. The music is melodic, sometimes funky, and enjoyable if not essential, but all of Joe Farrell's CTI sets are worth acquiring.

Joe Farrell - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute
Herb Bushler - bass
Jim Madison - drums
Joe Beck - guitar
Ray Mantilla - congas, percussion

1 Canned Funk [Joe Farrell]
2 Animal [Joe Farrell]
3 Suite Martinique [Joe Farrell]
4 Spoken Silence [Joe Farrell]

total time 34:01


Gary Peacock - Tales Of Another

Gary Peacock - Tales Of Another
APE log cue covers | 244,5Mb
ECM | Jazz

Year: 1977

Gary Peacock | bass
Keith Jarrett | piano
Jack DeJohnette | drums

Tone Field
Major Major
Trilogy I ­ III
PW: 4all

Beer for My Horses

Beer for My Horses(2008) DVDRip XviD
DVDRip XviD | 640 x352 | 23 fps | XVID | MP3 - 128kbs | 725 Mb


Beer for My Horses tells the story of two best friends, Rack(Toby Keith) and Lonnie(Rodney Carrington), that work together as deputies in a small town. The two defy the Sheriff and head off on an outrageous road trip to save the protagonists girlfriend from drug lord kidnappers.
[RS]links: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

L'Ile de Nim

L'Ile de Nim
DVDRIP French&English+STFR | 640x288 | 1h28 | Xvid 956 | MP3 128 | 696 Mb

Date de sortie : 09 Avril 2008
Réalisé par Jennifer Flackett, Mark Levin
Avec Gerard Butler, Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin
Film américain.
Genre : Aventure, Comédie
Durée : 1h 40min.
Année de production : 2008
Film pour enfants à partir de 6 ans
Titre original : Nim's Island


Nim est une petite fille de 8 ans vivant avec son père sur une île sauvage, petit paradis désert au milieu de l'Océan Indien. Entre ses amis imaginaires et ses animaux de compagnie, elle ne s'ennuie pas une seule seconde.
Lorsque son père est coincé en mer après un accident et qu'elle se retrouve seule à devoir défendre son île contre des pirates impitoyables, elle demande de l'aide au fameux Alex Rover, sans savoir que c'est un personnage fictif écrit par une romancière solitaire et agoraphobe.
Celle-ci, émue par la détresse de Nim, décide de traverser le monde pour secourir une petite fille qu'elle n'a jamais vue.

La Grande Vadrouille (1966)

La Grande Vadrouille (1966)
DVDRip | Xvid | 720x404 | fps 25 | MP3 128 Kbps | French with English sub | 893 MB | 118 min
Release Date: 8 December 1966 (France) l Genre: Comedy | War
Pass: silva

Il Divo

Il Divo (DVDrip - 2008)
Italian | Subtitle: English/French/Italian | 113 min | XVid 656x272 | 384 kbps 5.1 AC3 | 25 fps | 1,4 Gb | iAPULA
Genre : Drama/Biography | rapidshare/file-factory

“Il Divo” is an Italian film directed in 2008 by Paolo Sorrentino. It is a Biopic based on the figure of former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. It was nominated for the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, where it was awarded the Prix du Jury. The narration spans the period since the seventh election of Andreotti as Italian PM in 1992, until the trial in which he was accused of collusion with the Mafia. Sometimes referred to as “Il Divo”, -a title given to ‘his divine’ namesake, Julius Caesar-, Giulio Andreotti is the eminence grise of Italian politics (2008 marks his uninterrupted 62nd year as a parliamentarian).

View Trailer

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5% Recovery Record

Disc 1 : part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | sfv file
Disc 2 : part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | sfv file

Disc 1: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8
Disc 2: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8

Le Monde et Radio, Tv Edition du 02 Novembre 2008

Le Monde et Radio, Tv Edition du 02 Novembre 2008

L'Equipe du 1er Novembre 2008

L'Equipe du 1er Novembre 2008

France football

vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Pc | multilanguages


Flash Menu Labs Pro

Flash Menu Labs Pro 2.074 | 17,3 MB
Do you want to have cool Flash menus with impressing visual effects, eye-catching animation and non-trivial structure on your web sites, but don't want to spend months coding ActionScript and tuning visual appearance? With Flash Menu Labs you can get all these features and much more just for minutes!

There are lots of templates, motion presets and adjustable parameters. Even non-professionals with zero Flash and ActionScript skills can successfully use it.

GSi VST and VSTi Pack for Windows

GSi VST and VSTi Pack for Windows | 21,7 MB

GSi Die Funky Maschine ZD6 v1.1 VSTi
GSi Electric Grand EG70 v1.0 VSTi
GSi GS-201 Tape Echo v1.1.3 VST
GSi MrRay73 Mark II v.2.0.3 VSTi
GSi Spring Reverb Type4 v1.0.1 VST
GSi VB3 v1.2.2 VSTi

Alien Skin BlowUp 2.0.2

Alien Skin BlowUp 2.0.2 For Adobe Photoshop
Windows | 5.94 MB

Deaf Alphabet

Deaf Alphabet
26 Letters | JPG | 832x746 | 2.7 MB